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Unlock your design superpowers with courses designed to amplify your architectural game! Ready to impress at your next client meeting or design review? We’re here to boost your skills in visualization, communication, and software mastery.
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Are you an Architect that is...

Overwhelmed by software?

I get it, keeping up to date with the latest software can be exhausting. How many more programs do I have to learn?! It seems like a never ending battle to say current.

Feeling your visuals lack impact?

When I was in architecture school, my main question was always: "why do my visuals look so flat?" It's frustrating when your vision doesn't come to life as you'd imagined.

Needing speed up your workflow?

You probably must think: "I have to spend quality time actually designing! I can't afford to spend all my time tweaking a render..."

I've been through this too, and that's why...

From creating site plans to sections and even collage rendering, I believe that if you can show your designs more effectively, they'll be understood and appreciated more. That’s why I founded Show It Better—dedicated to helping you overcome these challenges with tailored solutions.

Master the principles
What If I told you that if you understood the principles of image creation, you wouldn't have to worry about software?
Realistic site plan
Optimize your workflow
Speed Without Sacrifice: Discover strategies to accelerate your design process without compromising on the quality of your projects.
Site Plan
Enhance visual communication
Create Impactful Visuals: Learn how to make your visuals pop! We focus on teaching you how to make renderings that not only look great but also communicate effectively.
Maquette Square Ratio

What all of our courses
have to offer

Through all of our courses, we strive to provide a consistent learning experience that includes:
Download all the course files, freebies and bonus content. Also get a quick preview of the course curriculum.
Concept and Theory
We believe that the key to showing your projects better, is by understanding them better. And a bit of practical theory can help you with that!
Techniques and Methods "The Sauce"
This is the nitty and gritty part of each course. Here we show the step by step to achieve "the look"
Final Touches
In all images, there are always some final steps that can make or break your image.
What you can expect

Elevate Your Design Skills with Confidence

Comprehensive learning materials
Access in-depth guides and video tutorials
Restaurant Minimal Elevation Scene
Hands-on Practical Exercises
Engage in real-world projects and challenges
Material application 2
Expert Feedback and Support
Receive personalized critiques from professionals
Feedback Image Template
Flexible Learning Environment
Learn at your pace, anytime, anywhere
Steven Studio 1
“Very nice and well explained class! Congratulations Steven!”
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Gabriela Costa Architect
Collage Image FAUSP
User with no face
Vincent Benhamou
I really enjoyed this class.. Steven is very clear and passionate in his explanations. The fact is that I have been trying to make architectural collages for months without clear method and insight. Thank you Steven for this class. It's been very inspiring. It's time now to make my first collages.
User with no face
Barbara Pereira
It was a really good class, even me being an absolute beginner in Photoshop I was able to follow along, and did a pretty decent Job. Also, you can work with your own project perfectly. Thank you very much. Looking forward for the next one.
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Anna Vo Thi
This course was really good and helpful. As someone begging with SketchUp and photoshop this is great practice. I'm really looking forward to learn more about the different artist you brought up.
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Michele Brito
I haven't even finished yet, but I am amazed. Steve gave us something I have never found in other classes about this subject: a historical background! And he relates architectural collages with some paintings that we can get inspired by. It's a great and inspiring view for us students. Such a great professor.
Akiko Kobayashi
This is such a great set of tutorials - the whole structure is so comprehensive. Steven's not only technically adept, but also a great communicator in that he's thought really carefully about how to build up the lessons. A brilliant teacher!
Who this course is for

Our courses can help you if you are a:

A Student Architect
  • Build a Strong Foundation: Learn essential design and software skills that go beyond academic theory.
  • Enhance Your Portfolio: Gain practical experience and projects that stand out in job applications.
  • Prepare for the Professional World: Understand real-world applications of architectural concepts.
Recently Graduated Architects
  • Bridge the Gap: Transition smoothly from academic learning to professional practice.
  • Stay Current: Keep up with the latest tools and technologies that firms are using today.
  • Build Professional Confidence: Sharpen your presentation and design skills to impress potential employers.
An Experienced Architect
  • Refine Your Skills: Dive deeper into specialized topics to enhance your expertise.
  • Lead and Innovate: Learn to manage projects more effectively and inspire your team.
  • Expand Your Creativity: Explore new design philosophies and technologies to push your creative boundaries.
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If we haven't met

Hey! I’m Steven

I’m an architect from Colombia, with over seven years of journeying through design and architectural visualization. 

My career has spanned several top-notch Bogotá firms, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing insights as a guest lecturer at universities. 

I'm passionate about transforming ideas into visuals that speak and inspire!

Meet the Team
Meet the Team
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We're on a mission to revolutionize how architectural education is delivered

Traditional methods don't quite cut it anymore, and we believe digital platforms offer a dynamic and accessible way to learn, share, and create. 

Here, we’re not just about offering courses; we're about building a community that learns from each other. We develop resources, host courses, and provide free content aimed at nurturing a passion for architectural drawing and the communication of spatial ideas. 

Join us as we explore new dimensions in architectural visualization and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible!

Join our Community
Join our Community
Our Courses

Which course are you
going to take first?

Realistic site plan
2 hours
25 lessons
Realistic Site Plan
In this course, you will have access to a step-by-step process that teaches you to create architectural site plans that can be applied to any kind of architectural project.
Main Image Plan 2
3 hours
34 lessons
All skill levels
Master Sections
Learn to create three different section styles like the pros in 3 hours. In four chapters and 34 videos, you will learn how to create three sections that can communicate your projects differently.
Presentation board mockup tiled
4 hours
40 lessons
Presentation Boards with
Unlock the art of powerful storytelling through presentation boards. Learn to combine images, text, and design elements using Adobe InDesign to convey your architectural visions effectively.

What would you like
to know about us?

Talk to us
Talk to us
What is the difference between this course and the YouTube videos?

While our YouTube videos provide great tips and insights, our courses offer a deeper dive, structured learning paths, personalized feedback, and certificates to showcase your skills

When does the course start?

As soon or later as you want! You can take it at your own rhythm and pace. 

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you have lifetime access! Revisit the material anytime to refresh your skills or dive deeper into the content

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We strive for your satisfaction! If you're not happy with the course, contact us within the first 7 days for a full refund. We value your feedback to improve our offerings

What programs do I need to take these courses?

You will need to check each course requirements for this.