2 hours
25 lessons

Realistic Site Plan.

In this course, you will have access to a step-by-step process that teaches you to create architectural site plans that can be applied to any kind of architectural project.
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Realistic site plan

A step-by-step guide on how to create architectural site plans with Photoshop.

Enroll Now From $39.99
Enroll Now From $39.99

Deconstruct the essential components of a site plan, create a detailed base plan, and ambient your plan with the correct elements.

Site Plans are probably one of the most interesting of the plan sets because it shows the relationship that our design has with it's social and geographic context.

Therefore, representing a site plan in a correct way can become crucial in order for our clients or our peers to understand if your project is created in the correct way.

This course includes:
2 hours on-demand video
Downloadable resources
Exclusive Feedback
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion
Subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese
What will I learn?

By the end of our course you’ll be able to:

You will learn essential concepts like color theory, the structure of a site plan, and how to apply references to your drawings. You will also have exclusive access to chapters dedicated to creating your base plan, exporting it, and adding all the essential elements for it to fit and succeed in your presentation. 

Deconstruct the essential components of a Site Plan.
This course, like many, created at Show it Better, does not only focus on the technical side of educating but also on all the background and importance behind each image.
Saana grace farms site plan
Create a detailed Base Plan
A very detailed base plan may be one of the main secrets of a successful site plan. Here we will show you how you can do that.
Ambient your Site Plan with the correct elements
Just because we have a bunch of top view trees, does it mean that we should add them all? No! We will also see what NOT to add to your site plan.
Site plan mockup computer
HOUSE SITE PLAN Furniture included
Who this course is for

This course can help
if you are a:

This course is specially designed for architects and architecture students that are beginners in creating architectural drawings with software like Photoshop and Sketchup or Autocad.

Enroll Now From $39.99
Enroll Now From $39.99
A Student Architect

Do you want to stand out amongst your colleagues and peers? Well there is nothing that impacts more than a well done site plan. We know you are short on time, so we promise that in less than 2 hours, you will have this mastered. 

An Aspiring Architect

If you're not an architect, but would love to learn the beautiful techniques of creating a site plan, this course is also for you. 

Who said you have to be an architect to want to understand the site in which architecture is located in? Jump in! this course may be for you. 

An Experienced Architect

You're probably thinking, is this a technique I am going to use in my day to day? 

Let me put it this way: If you have gotten up until this point and are really interested in leveling up your representation game, it's because this is going to be of use in your work. 

In less than two hours, you will have a new way of representing your site plans that is going to give you that edge. 

What you can expect

We focus on an artistic process with an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Blocks for stylizing your site plans
Blocks for stylizing your plans
Satellite Imagery
Satellite imagery preview
Site Plan Photoshop Brushes
Site plan photoshop brushes
Top View Textures
Top View Textures
Vegetation Cutouts
Vegetation Cutouts
Nikola Mishkov
А very well structured course from which the information is easily learned and absorbed immediately upon completion.
Cloue Gbenou Desire
Whoa! Interesting course! Not only helps me discover and learn more photoshop but also color palettes and so much more!
Slim Meddeb
Thank you very much very good course!
William Kely McClung
You are really talented artist and this course was so worth it!
Valentina Cardona
Muchísimas gracias por el conocimiento compartido! Amo cada curso que show it better hace, es súper útil y la representación final es muy agradable visualmente. Ahora, a poner en práctica el material del video.
Galadima Nathan
The course is detailed enough and is eager to begin my practicals.
Remah Alfraijat
thank you so much it was a very informative course I feel more confident now
Iker Ortega
Very good course! One more to the bag of experience to have a great laboral career!
Andrei Calin Mosora
Thanks man! Such a better experience with PS from now on. Such a flexible way of render your projects without heavy software. Again, if you think to do this course and you are frustrated with this kind of work (rendering), just do it, is so good. Again thank you so!
John George
Thank you!! This course have helped me overcome the fears of Photoshop!! Great Job! Looking forward for more courses...

What you will see in the course

Through a step by step guide, and deep understanding of site plans in your project, we structure this course in the following way:
Files and links
Concepts and References
The main role of a site plan, searching for references, applying a color palette.
How to search and download textures.
AutoCad Process
Downloading blocks, creating blocks, organizing your drawing and layout and plot settings.
Satelite Imagery
Extracting a high res image from google earth and merging all images in photoshop.
Working in Photoshop
Importing PDFs, adding textures, gradient effects, roof and floor textures. Shadows, dirt road and lake texture.
Vegetation, Furniture and People
Adding trees and vegetation, then adding furniture and people.
Final Adjustments
Final touches, text and export settings.
Sebas Headshot
Meet your instructor

I’m Sebastian

Over the last years, I have also worked as a teacher, visualizer, and illustrator, and now I am glad to be a teacher here in the Show it Better team.

My specialty is architectural representation, from drawing 2d plans to 3d visualizations, exploring different styles based on digital tools or hand drawing expression. I have always felt a huge affinity for all related to architectural representation. I enjoy working and looking for new ways to show an idea, and I want to transmit to every new architect around the world and to everyone who loves architecture all I can teach about this amazing passion. 

Enroll Now From $39.99
Enroll Now From $39.99
Sebas Headshot 2

We're on a mission to revolutionize how architectural education is delivered

Traditional methods don't quite cut it anymore, and we believe digital platforms offer a dynamic and accessible way to learn, share, and create. 

Here, we’re not just about offering courses; we're about building a community that learns from each other. We develop resources, host courses, and provide free content aimed at nurturing a passion for architectural drawing and the communication of spatial ideas. 

Join us as we explore new dimensions in architectural visualization and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible!

“Not sure yet? Check out our free tutorial that contains a snippet of the course!”
Team man2
Sebastian Bustos Architect & Illustrator
Yodutube Thumbniail

What would you like
to know?

See other questions
See other questions
When does the course start?

As soon or later as you want! You can take it at your own rhythm and pace. 

What is the difference between this course and the YouTube videos?

While our YouTube videos provide great tips and insights, our courses offer a deeper dive, structured learning paths, personalized feedback, and certificates to showcase your skills

How do I access this course?

As soon as you enroll in one of our courses, you should receive an email with the login details. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We strive for your satisfaction! If you're not happy with the course, contact us within the first 7 days for a full refund. We value your feedback to improve our offerings

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you have lifetime access! Revisit the material anytime to refresh your skills or dive deeper into the content

What programs is the Site Plan course worked on?

In our Site Plan course we first organize our base drawing in AutoCad. Inside AutoCAD we do some basic things like import blocks, organize the drawing and export it as a pdf. If you think you can follow along in similar software like Revit or Archicad, then this course is for you. 

Next we create 90% of our image in Photoshop. So you have to have Photoshop installed to create your image and use our resources. We explain each concept and step for people that are beginners in Photoshop. 

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Realistic Site Plan.

In this course, you will have access to a step-by-step process that teaches you to create architectural site plans that can be applied to any kind of architectural project.
2 hours on-demand video
Downloadable Resources
Exclusive Feedback
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion
Subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese
From $39.99
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Realistic site plan
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