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Master Sections

Dive into the Master Sections Course and master three unique architectural section styles in just 3 hours! Across four chapters and 34 engaging videos, you'll learn to craft sections that truly showcase and differentiate your projects
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Craft detailed architecture sections like a pro

Enroll Now From $69.99
Enroll Now From $69.99

Explore the core techniques of crafting architectural sections, from artistic to technical, and enhance them with the perfect details.

In this course, you'll follow a step-by-step process to master three distinct section styles that can transform how you present any architectural project.

You'll delve into crucial concepts like history of the section, adding shadows to enhance depth and the strategic use of textures.

Gain exclusive access to chapters focused on designing your sections, refining them with advanced rendering techniques, and tailoring each to convey your project's unique narrative effectively.

This course includes:
3 hours on-demand video
History of the Section
Downloadable Resources
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion
Bonus Resources
Subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese (Automatically generated)
What will I learn?

By the end of our course you’ll be able to:

Confidently create varied architectural sections that stand out, effectively communicate the essence of your designs, and skillfully integrate digital tools to bring your sections to life with exceptional detail and realism.

Perspective Line Section
Gain proficiency in creating three unique section styles—each tailored to communicate different architectural narratives effectively.
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Blueprint Maquette Section
This skill will allow you to accurately represent materiality, depth, and spatial relationships, making your sections more informative and engaging.
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Isometric Conceptual Section
From casting realistic shadows to applying textures and patterns, you’ll have the tools to bring depth and life to your drawings, making them not just plans, but pieces of art.
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Who this course is for

This course can help
if you are a:

If you're eager to elevate your architectural drawings, make a stunning impact in presentations, or expand the offerings of your creative business, this course is tailor-made for you.

Enroll Now From $69.99
Enroll Now From $69.99
Architecture Student
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Master the skills to enhance your academic and portfolio presentations
  • Build Foundations: Develop a strong skill set in creating detailed architectural sections that communicate complex designs effectively.


Innovative Firm Owner
  • Impress Clients: Deliver exceptional detail and creativity in your project proposals, setting your business apart.
  • Strengthen Brand Identity: Utilize cutting-edge section drawing techniques to showcase your unique architectural vision, reinforcing your brand’s reputation for innovation and quality in the design community.
An Experienced Architect
  • Elevate Project Proposals: Integrate advanced section techniques to communicate the depth and nuance of your designs.
  • Lead with Excellence: Set new quality benchmarks in your practice, enhancing client satisfaction and project outcomes.
What you can expect

Mastery of artistic sections with technical precision.

Bonus resources
Free access to 3 of our resource packs
Tropical Plants line only png
Concrete Textures
Ambient your sections and texture them with a set of concrete textures.
Concrete Textures
Human Cutouts
Give scale and life to your sections
Perspective line section zoom
Practical Applications and Feedback
Engage in project-based learning that culminates in real-world applications, accompanied by constructive feedback to refine your skills and enhance your final outputs.
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Felipe Leon
I really enjoyed the course. The content is great, very interesting techniques. Very Organized. Thanks man, have a good one.
Eduardo Appoloni
Congratulations on this course, I will definitely recommend this course to my other architecture colleagues. Awesome work, will definitely try doing these sections with my projects. Keep up showing it better!
thanks!, muchas gracias!
Stefano Agudo
Excelente el curso, no hay más nada que añadir.
Graham Read
Love this course. Really helped me to get my head around rendering my designs in Photoshop. Thank you!

What you will see in the course

Through a step by step guide, and deep understanding of sections in your project, we structure this course in the following way:
Intro and Downloadables
Download all the course files, freebies and bonus content. Also get a quick preview of the course curriculum.
Brief History and Context
What is a section, brief history of the section, and an overview of the project FAUSP.
Perspective Line Section
Learn how to create a perspective line section image. From setting up your sketchup model, to setting up your AutoCad drawing, importing into photoshop and crafting shadows.
Isometric Conceptual Section
Learn how to create an isometric conceptual section. See references, export base from SketchUp, add masks blending modes and textures in Photoshop.
Blueprint Maquette Section
Learn how to create a blueprint maquette section in Photoshop. Export base images from Sketchup and create the rest in photoshop!
Bonus Packs
Pine tree pack, Tropical Plants Pack and Kitchen Illustration Pack
Headshot SR 2 Pequeña
Meet your instructor

Hi! I’m Steven.

In 2016 I created Show it Better because I believed that the first step to great architecture, is knowing how to communicate it.

Unfortunately, at the time there wasn't a place where you could learn how to visually communicate your architectural ideas. So I created a YouTube channel where I could create free quality content for everyone to learn architectural representation. 

In this course about sections, I'm really excited to show you how to create three different section styles and how to do this in less than three hours! 

I believe sections (and floor plans) are the best way to understand how a building works. And if you know how to represent a section well, then you can really call yourself an architect! (just kidding)

But, if you believe that the section is a powerful tool to design and communicate ideas, join me in this course to find out how to create these section styles and blow up your visual game! 

Enroll Now From $69.99
Enroll Now From $69.99
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We're on a mission to revolutionize how architectural education is delivered

Traditional methods don't quite cut it anymore, and we believe digital platforms offer a dynamic and accessible way to learn, share, and create. 

Here, we’re not just about offering courses; we're about building a community that learns from each other. We develop resources, host courses, and provide free content aimed at nurturing a passion for architectural drawing and the communication of spatial ideas. 

Join us as we explore new dimensions in architectural visualization and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible!

“I will definitely recommend this course to my other architecture colleagues. Awesome work, will definitely try doing these sections with my projects.”
User with no face
Eduardo Appoloni Architect
Youtube preview

What would you like
to know?

See other questions
See other questions
When does the course start?

As soon or later as you want! You can take it at your own rhythm and pace. 

What is the difference between this course and the YouTube videos?

While our YouTube videos provide great tips and insights, our courses offer a deeper dive, structured learning paths, personalized feedback, and certificates to showcase your skills

How do I access this course?

As soon as you enroll in one of our courses, you should receive an email with the login details. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We strive for your satisfaction! If you're not happy with the course, contact us within the first 7 days for a full refund. We value your feedback to improve our offerings

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you have lifetime access! Revisit the material anytime to refresh your skills or dive deeper into the content

What programs is the Sections course worked on?

In this course we use mostly Photoshop to create our sections. Nonetheless for our Perspective Line Section we use a lot of AutoCad to adjust the base drawing. You can use similar programs like Revit or Archicad

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Master Sections

Learn to create three different section styles like the pros in 3 hours. In four chapters and 34 videos, you will learn how to create three sections that can communicate your projects differently.
3 hours on-demand video
Downloadable Resources
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion
Bonus Resources
Subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese (Automatically generated)
History of the Section
From $69.99
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Enroll Now
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