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Presentation Boards with

Transform your architectural ideas into compelling presentation boards. This course equips you with the skills to effectively communicate your designs using the latest tools and techniques in graphic design.
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Master Effective Presentation Boards

Enroll Now From $99.99
Enroll Now From $99.99

Dive deep into the art of presentation board creation, from foundational concepts to advanced design techniques. 

This course offers a comprehensive guide to constructing impactful boards that clearly communicate your architectural ideas. 

Learn to strategically use color, typography, and composition to enhance your project narratives. Gain practical experience with Adobe InDesign, enhancing your ability to create professional-grade presentation materials.

This course includes:
4 hours on-demand video
Downloadable Presentation Board Templates
Downloadable Resources
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion
What will I learn?

By the end of our course you’ll be able to:

This course is designed to elevate your architectural presentation boards from ordinary to extraordinary, giving you the tools to communicate your visions effectively and stand out in the professional world.

Craft Compelling Stories
Develop the skill to weave architectural narratives that captivate and convince audiences, enhancing your presentation’s impact
Presentation Board Deconstructed Thesis
InDesign Techniques
Utilize advanced Adobe InDesign tools to create visually stunning presentation boards that stand out in the competitive architectural field.
Indesign Zoom of a Presentation Board in the program
Professional Presentation Skills
Achieve mastery over the elements of graphic design, allowing you to present your projects with professional polish and precision.
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Who this course is for

This course can help
if you are a:

This course is Ideal for architects seeking to sharpen their presentation skills and elevate their project pitches.

Enroll Now From $99.99
Enroll Now From $99.99
A Student Architect
  • Ideal for building a solid foundation in presentation skills.
  • Enhance academic projects and portfolio.
  • Learn industry-standard tools early in your career.
Recently Graduated Architect
  • Perfect for honing presentation skills as you enter the professional world.
  • Set yourself apart in job applications and interviews.
  • Transition from academic to professional standards seamlessly.
Amateur Architect
  • Great for those looking to refine their hobby into a more serious pursuit.
  • Improve the ability to express architectural ideas clearly.
  • Gain confidence in participating in local projects or competitions.
What you can expect

Unlimited access to
resources and free content.

InDesign Templates
Get access to more than 8 InDesign Templates
Templates Indesign Screenshot
Understanding Presentation Boards
Understand the science behind telling stories through presentation boards.
Screenshot of the course talking about story in presentatino boards
Introduction to InDesign for Beginners
InDesign 101 is in session!
Mockup of class in presentatino board course
Composition Methods of Boards
We will study and analyze references of 3 types of composition boards.
Blended image analysys presentation boards

What you will see in this course

Through a step by step guide, and deep understanding of boards in your project, we structure this course in the following way:
Understanding Presentation Boards
The importance of boards, how to tell a story through them, how to present an argument and the most common mistakes.
Board Preparation
Best workflow process for creating a content list, preliminary sketch of your boards, folder structure and workflow conclusions.
Introduction to Adobe InDesign
Creating a new doc, setting up your workspace, basic interface, importing images, display resolution, frame and content difference, links panel, creating text and paragraphs, using grids and guides, presentation modes, shapes and colors and tips and tricks,
Composition Methods of Boards
Grid composition, main image composition and blended image composition.
Urban Project Example
Explaining the project and looking at references, creating the base file, preliminary board design, grid layout, main image layout, blended layout.
Architecture Project Example
Presenting the project, preliminary boards, extending the sky of a render, adjusting a floor plan to a sky background, second presentation board layout, and final adjustments.
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Meet your instructor

Hi! I'm Steven

In 2016 I created Show it Better because I believed that the first step to great architecture, is knowing how to communicate it.

Unfortunately, at the time there wasn't a place where you could learn how to visually communicate your architectural ideas. So I created a YouTube channel where I could create free quality content for everyone to learn architectural representation. 

In this course about Presentation Boards, I have the opportunity to visit InDesign and give you a Beginners introduction to how to create presentation boards. 

Enroll Now From $99.99
Enroll Now From $99.99
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We're on a mission to revolutionize how architectural education is delivered

Traditional methods don't quite cut it anymore, and we believe digital platforms offer a dynamic and accessible way to learn, share, and create. 

Here, we’re not just about offering courses; we're about building a community that learns from each other. We develop resources, host courses, and provide free content aimed at nurturing a passion for architectural drawing and the communication of spatial ideas. 

Join us as we explore new dimensions in architectural visualization and keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible!

“Not sure yet? Watch this free tutorial snippet!”
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Steven Rubio Architect & Illustrator
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Presentation Boards with

Unlock the art of powerful storytelling through presentation boards. Learn to combine images, text, and design elements using Adobe InDesign to convey your architectural visions effectively.
4 hours on-demand video
Downloadable Presentation Board Template
Downloadable Resources
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion
From $99.99
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Enroll Now
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