20 June 2024
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We have a New Website Design!

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Written by Steven Rubio
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We're excited to announce a fresh, dynamic redesign of the Show it Better website! Our latest update is more than just a visual uplift—it’s a comprehensive overhaul aimed at enhancing your experience and expanding the possibilities for learning and collaboration in the field of architecture.

The Inspiration Behind the Redesign

Listening to your feedback has been key. You wanted a more intuitive and enriching user experience, and we've delivered. This redesign focuses on making our resources more accessible, improving educational pathways, and fostering a community where everyone can share and grow.

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View of our home page

What’s New:

  • Commissions Welcome: Looking for something custom? Our new layout includes a dedicated area for commissions. Whether it's a unique architectural visualization or a beautiful architectural drawing we’re ready to collaborate.
  • Redesigned Courses: Our courses have received a visual and structural overhaul. They're not only more appealing but also structured to enhance your learning experience with clearer pathways and detailed content.
  • Advanced Resource Library: We've upgraded our resource library with a 'filter by' feature, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you need, from collages and freebies to specific architectural elements.
  • Showcase Page: We've added a brand new section where you can explore how we use our resource library in action! Check it out in our resource page, at the bottom. 
  • Engaging Blog Page: Don’t miss our blog for text-based tutorials, the latest updates, and news in the world of architectural design. It’s your source for continuous learning and inspiration.
  • FAQ Section: Got questions? Our new FAQ section is designed to provide quick answers to your common queries, helping you make the most out of our platform.

Commissions for Architectural Visualization

If you're looking to bring your visions to life with tailored architectural visualizations, our new commissions section is your gateway. Specializing in high-quality, custom arch viz, we're equipped to handle projects of any scale, helping you visualize your architectural concepts with precision and creativity.

Check out our work here and contact us for a commissioned project. 

Work page
Check out our new work page!

Advanced Resource Library

Our resource library is now more powerful with an advanced filtering feature. Whether you're looking for specific types of collages, furniture, or free resources, our 'filter by' option allows you to tailor your search instantly. This feature ensures that you find exactly what you need without sifting through unrelated content.

Filter resources
Advanced Resource library

Showcase Page

We’ve launched a stunning new Showcase Page that highlights the best of what we create with our resources. This visual gallery not only demonstrates the potential of our tools but also serves as a source of inspiration for your projects. Each image is a testament to the power and versatility of the resources available at Show it Better.

Whats been created
What's been created using our resources

Engaging Blog Page

Our blog has been revamped to be your primary source for text-based tutorials, news, and updates in the world of architectural design. It’s rich with content that ranges from beginner tips to advanced techniques, ensuring you stay at the forefront of architectural trends and knowledge.

Blog pages
Our new blog page

FAQ Section

The new FAQ section is designed to answer your most common questions quickly and effectively. From troubleshooting to how to make the most of our platform, this section provides you with immediate answers and guidance.

Faq psage
FAQ Page

Benefits for Users:

  • Enhanced Navigation: Move through our site with ease, quickly accessing the tools and content you need.
  • Richer Content and Learning Tools: With expanded tutorials, courses, and resources, your potential for growth is limitless.
  • Community and Collaboration: Our revamped platform makes it easier to connect, share, and work together on creative projects.

Contact us easier!

Have a question? Interested in a commission? Searching for specific resources or courses? Head over to our dedicated contact page. We're here to assist with all your architectural needs. Explore the new features today and see how our improvements can enhance your projects and learning journey.

A heartfelt thank you to our community for your invaluable feedback and ongoing support. This redesign is for you, and we're thrilled to see what you'll create and achieve with our enhanced tools and resources.

And a big thank you to the team at Made by Shape that made this redesign possible. Their eye for design, fast pace response and friendly feedback was crucial for this great project! Please check them out if you want to redesign your website! 

The innovation doesn’t stop here. We're continuously working to bring you more features and content. Stay connected through our blog and newsletter for the latest updates.


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